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Our rides

Beach ride
Would you like to enjoy an empty wide open beach in the morning sun on horseback? Having a nice canter along the water makes your dreams come true? Experience an unforgettable beachride on playa de los Lances torwards Tarifa with us. The rush of the waves, the silence and the fantastic view over to Africa will bedazzle you.

Country side ride
You love riding through untouched nature? Through endless  fields and grasslands? Passing cattles, pigs, bulls and sheeps? Then a countryride in the parque natural de los Alcornocales (Naturepark of the cork oaks) is the thing for your. Walking, trotting and canteing on trails we explore the hilly backcountry of Tarifa. Enjoy pure nature!

The ride takes us through the countryside to the beach Valdevaqueros. After climbing the dunes, we slide down of it to the backside and ride through eucalyptuswoods back to the beach. When returning to the stables we ride along a hill with a great view to the beach and Africa.

Dayrides with picnic
Do you like adventures? Can you stay some hours in a saddle? We ride through cork oaks woods, passing some Fincas and little farms. The rides take you to waterfalls, windfarms or to the church Santuario de la Luz. After halftime the horses enjoy a rest and the riders their picnic. Feel Andalucia! 

Riding lesson
Have you never been on a horse? Or would you like to get some more practice in horsebackriding? Our lessons are spanish-style (one-handed) in our ring. 

Riding lesson for kids
The first contact with horser should include a lot of fun anc should be very relaxing. We teach horsebackriding in a playful way with different games.

Full moon ride 
Is it your dream to ride along the beach with a full moon? We ride through the dark pinewoods, down to the bright beach, where the moon and stars are shining.

Swimming with the horses
Feel the power of a horses under you in the sea. Enjoy unforgetable moments bareback on a horseback!